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wishstudio playdate :: a photo journal

“fairies and trolls” playdate it was a perfect day :)

things to share

wish favors by inspire co. sharon sent me the link for this inspiring site and this great favor idea…thanks sharon! i actually found these adorable tickets at a local shop months ago, and then tracked them down online here . i didn’t have any idea what i would use them for, but i wanted them for the studio because they are just too perfect! susan tuttle of ilka’s attic has launched her new blog banner business . you can purchase one of her unique and beautiful banners, or have a custom one designed for you. lots of exciting things going on over at justBe . melba is looking for vendors to sell their artsy items at the creative bazaar this fall down cape cod. contact her to reserve your table, as well as to reserve your space for the fun weekend of events and workshops she has planned. for anyone local, yesterday for father’s day we placed our own letterbox called secret stairs . follow the clues to find a really great hidden spot with a spectacular ocean view! also for you lo

wishstudio launch party recap

even though we were still painting at 5:30 friday morning (a huge thanks to my hero and helper hubby ~ you know a man is dedicated if he covers himself in pink for you! i could not have pulled this off without you), we were ready to launch! funny side note that after i chose the wall color, i found out it was called “pink sky”… how perfect? it was a sultry evening on friday night, with so many wonderful people gathered and wishing the studio success. although the space was not complete (no ceiling, no floors, no air conditioning!), i felt so blessed that so many people showed up to cheer me on…especially all of the fabulously supportive and wonderfully creative group of bloggers who traveled from many far away points of maine and massachusetts. there was of course nina beana , the gift fairy and wishmama extraordinare, who saved the day by bringing me table cloths which i totally forgot. angela and her lovely friend kelly arrived in a flurry of smiles and hugs. jes and

a rainbow in someone else's cloud

she came on to stage and was embraced with a resounding standing ovation. one tear slid from my eye…a living legend indeed. i was so moved by dr. maya angelou with her heart full of pure love and knowing, her voice speaking through hundreds of years like the living blues, and the wisdom she imparted upon us like a precious gift. it is a night i will remember forever. her simple message woven through story and song and prose, was that we all have the power to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud…the power to reshape someone’s entire life by reaching out with our own unique brand of love and magic. as i sat in a sea of hundreds of hopeful souls gathered at the foot of this one woman, i thought to myself, yes. it is possible and so important. to give hope. to inspire each other. to share in the power and the wonder of the human spirit. last night, it lifted me way up.