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a rainbow in someone else's cloud

she came on to stage and was embraced with a resounding standing ovation. one tear slid from my eye…a living legend indeed. i was so moved by dr. maya angelou with her heart full of pure love and knowing, her voice speaking through hundreds of years like the living blues, and the wisdom she imparted upon us like a precious gift. it is a night i will remember forever.

her simple message woven through story and song and prose, was that we all have the power to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud…the power to reshape someone’s entire life by reaching out with our own unique brand of love and magic. as i sat in a sea of hundreds of hopeful souls gathered at the foot of this one woman, i thought to myself, yes. it is possible and so important. to give hope. to inspire each other. to share in the power and the wonder of the human spirit. last night, it lifted me way up.