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connecting through blogging

i recently learned about this new zine making it’s debut this august. i am sure if you are familiar to the artsy blog world you will recognize several, if not all of the cover features :) i am so excited to get my hands on this issue! being a part of this bloggie universe is really such an amazing phenomenon. what really inspires me, is the connection you can create with real every-day people. this medium allows you to reach people who otherwise you would never have crossed paths with. it gives you access to voices so loud and clear, they can touch your soul, lift you up, and change your perspective on life. so often i’ve heard that blogging is so impersonal, so unreal, so unauthentic. my experience shows completely the opposite. i’ve met so many amazing women in this space, and when i saw the cover of artful blogging my heart smiled. it was like seeing old friends. there are a few celebrities here in blogland, but for the most part, beautiful inspiration is offered up every day by

what's your wish?

  handmade wish jar for a gypsy friend in the wishstudio we are all about your creative dreams and helping you take a step closer to them. we want to help you share your passion with the world! this may be through your yoga, your paintbrish, your entrepeneurial spirit, your healing hands, your pen, your design savvy, your knowledge and wisdom, your giving heart, or your creativity in some unique way. wish studio is multidimentional…a dynamic space, a lively community, and inspiring energy all rolled into one. i have met so many wonderfully amazing people with so many creative ideas here. this is what fuels me. i love sharing in your excitement for every one of your dreams! it is breathtaking, each one like a shooting star, so bright and full of fire. we are here to support that fire. dare to dream, and bring your wishes to life in our great space! what’s your wish?

life book 101

it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster week, and i have been very busy doing but not really feeling all that together. in an attempt to stay inspired and get better organized i began compiling a life book. it is a combination planner, inspiration board, to do list, idea book, and journal that was inspired by both melba and her 3 ring weekly to-do binder, keri smith who carries one all purpose journal, and from my old days as a children’s clothing designer where we used to always work from a big white binder called “the book”. i’m tired of toting around so many seperate things… a notebook, a folder, a monthly flip calendar, my datebook, and my journal. too much stuff! i found a great recycled paper binder (that came in lots of colors at $2.99 a piece!) at target – of course. i will collage the organic brown cover with doodles and inspiring things i’ll collect over time. it totally reminds me of the days of those blue fabric covered school binders with the inked up sentiments of high scho