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connecting through blogging

i recently learned about this new zine making it’s debut this august. i am sure if you are familiar to the artsy blog world you will recognize several, if not all of the cover features :) i am so excited to get my hands on this issue!

being a part of this bloggie universe is really such an amazing phenomenon. what really inspires me, is the connection you can create with real every-day people. this medium allows you to reach people who otherwise you would never have crossed paths with. it gives you access to voices so loud and clear, they can touch your soul, lift you up, and change your perspective on life.

so often i’ve heard that blogging is so impersonal, so unreal, so unauthentic. my experience shows completely the opposite. i’ve met so many amazing women in this space, and when i saw the cover of artful blogging my heart smiled. it was like seeing old friends. there are a few celebrities here in blogland, but for the most part, beautiful inspiration is offered up every day by people just like you and me…people who have a vision to share, a voice to be heard, stories to tell, creations to inspire.

those of you who are bloggers, you know the magic of which i speak. those of you who haven’t yet made the leap, here is your inspiration! share yourself with the world. we are all listening…

7.25.07 edited to add…

following a trail of breadcrumbs left by a comment on this post, i found these lovely words. such eloquence and truth, i had to share them with you…

“Been reading a lot of blogs of late. It is such a personal space. Yet so public. As you read this, a large number of people over the world are furiously scribbling away their lives in utmost detail. Waiting for a stumbling footprint of a complete stranger. Who comes unseen and leaves behind a small trail of words; that means the world. And it goes on. Someone shares a picture of her favourite flower. Someone writes of the abandoned dog he had a conversation with. And a faceless lover sits and pines for someone he has been in love with all of his life. But is yet to meet her.

There are endless stories. Some funny. Some exaggerated. Some vague. But all of them real. Well, as real as you and me anyway. I mean I don’t know you, but you are here and reading this. And I have written it and hence you are. I don’t know if it’s complicated. On the surface we can blame/attribute this to technology and get away with it. Back to the usual stuff we do, everyday. Rip a small bag of peanuts, take a telephone call, suddenly remember the smell of an ex-lover. Or hear her mobile phone ring in your head and start looking around feverishly, nervous and excited at the same time. Things we do without realizing, understanding or questioning why. Sub-human almost.

That’s why we blog. Because we know how we honestly feel for even a second a day, can now be communicated to someone else. And we don’t even know their real names. Or how they look. What jobs they have. What books they read. What they like to eat for dessert. We don’t know. We don’t care if they are good in bed. We don’t care if they are selfish. Or asthmatic. Or if they leave their wet towels on their beds. All we want them to do is read. “Please, I don’t know you, but can you be involved in my life for just a brief moment. I really need you, even if I don’t know you.”