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life book 101

it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster week, and i have been very busy doing but not really feeling all that together. in an attempt to stay inspired and get better organized i began compiling a life book. it is a combination planner, inspiration board, to do list, idea book, and journal that was inspired by both melba and her 3 ring weekly to-do binder, keri smith who carries one all purpose journal, and from my old days as a children’s clothing designer where we used to always work from a big white binder called “the book”. i’m tired of toting around so many seperate things… a notebook, a folder, a monthly flip calendar, my datebook, and my journal. too much stuff!

i found a great recycled paper binder (that came in lots of colors at $2.99 a piece!) at target – of course. i will collage the organic brown cover with doodles and inspiring things i’ll collect over time. it totally reminds me of the days of those blue fabric covered school binders with the inked up sentiments of high school love and friendship (remember those?).

inside, i created simple blank monthly pages that i could scribble notes and ideas on, as well as see my whole month ahead in one glance. there is a pink pocket in the front to hold all my loose findings before i find a home for them in my book.


clear pages in the back hold all my community resources, contacts, and brochures for things i want to look into – there is so much going on all the time! maybe i will eventually collage those onto pages as well.


weekly pages were created with a blank sidebar for to do lists, shopping lists, post-it notes, or other random thoughts for the week, as well as a blank page for collaging in ideas and scraps of inspiration i will want to save. i printed these on cardstock to withstand all the cutting and pasting. what is great too about using a binder, the page layout is still somewhat flexible and i can add in important date-sensitive papers for the week such as event flyers, invitations, etc, as well as magazine articles to read, a recipe, or an art project made by my son at school that week. i have also made daily journal pages, but haven’t added them yet…still love my pink fabric covered journal.

so far i am loving this new idea. yes, it is a bit bulky compared to your typical planner sized book, but having everything together is really wonderful! i’m always on the hunt for the newest and best organizer, but i never quite find exactly what i want. i don’t know what took me so long to think of creating my own :)