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what's your wish?

handmade wish jar for a gypsy friend

in the wishstudio we are all about your creative dreams and helping you take a step closer to them. we want to help you share your passion with the world! this may be through your yoga, your paintbrish, your entrepeneurial spirit, your healing hands, your pen, your design savvy, your knowledge and wisdom, your giving heart, or your creativity in some unique way. wish studio is multidimentional…a dynamic space, a lively community, and inspiring energy all rolled into one.

i have met so many wonderfully amazing people with so many creative ideas here. this is what fuels me. i love sharing in your excitement for every one of your dreams! it is breathtaking, each one like a shooting star, so bright and full of fire. we are here to support that fire. dare to dream, and bring your wishes to life in our great space!

what’s your wish?