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a new perspective inspires change

  a day in the country fresh blueberries and eggs found right out our door caring for animals and enjoying nature there is nothing like a walk in someone else’s shoes to spark a change in your own life. after spending a few days farm sitting with my family, i feel completely rejuvinated and newly inspired. i was slightly skeptical of this adventure at first…this was seemingly a bit of a stretch for me. now having shelved this beautiful experience, i realize i am closer to this simple living than i thought, and i want to simplify my own life and bring some of that beautiful farm life home. wake up earlier…we woke up with the sun each day (the roosters really do call…as do the sheep and the chickens…), and for a girl who really needs her sleep, i didn’t think i would be able to adjust to this early morning wake-up call. the change was almost natural though, and i found myself waking up on my own (which i never do), and then making coffee, writing in my journal, and making a big homema