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a new perspective inspires change

a day in the country

fresh blueberries and eggs found right out our door

caring for animals and enjoying nature

there is nothing like a walk in someone else’s shoes to spark a change in your own life. after spending a few days farm sitting with my family, i feel completely rejuvinated and newly inspired. i was slightly skeptical of this adventure at first…this was seemingly a bit of a stretch for me. now having shelved this beautiful experience, i realize i am closer to this simple living than i thought, and i want to simplify my own life and bring some of that beautiful farm life home.

wake up earlier…we woke up with the sun each day (the roosters really do call…as do the sheep and the chickens…), and for a girl who really needs her sleep, i didn’t think i would be able to adjust to this early morning wake-up call. the change was almost natural though, and i found myself waking up on my own (which i never do), and then making coffee, writing in my journal, and making a big homemade breakfast, all before 7am! it is amazing what you can do in a day when getting such an early start.

cooking with farm fresh ingredients…every day we collected fresh eggs and blueberries. this act of bringing something right from nature to the table was just so magical – not to mention fun and so tasty too. (let me tell you that farm eggs taste 1000 times better than store bought eggs). inspired by this, i want to plan a weekly trip to the local farm to pick up fresh ingredients to cook with. a great way to eat yummier and also support the local growers.

slow down…even though there was lots of work on the farm, there was no sense of urgency at all. such an amazing feeling! we worked hard and sweated and got dirty, but we also were able to really relax and enjoy each moment. i can totally see the appeal of farming for a living!

simplify everything…less really is more. as a family, we really peared down our existence, both physically and mentally, to the bare minimum. i noticed things like only using the same 3 dishes for each meal, like doing only 1 load of laundry because we had less to wash and didn’t need more, like watching less t.v. and not needing the computer (although i did do a bit of work emailing via my phone), and having no compulsion to constantly clean because nature and dirt was just part of life. the result was that we had more space and time to really enjoy the days. made me really think about what i really need to live and be happy. our house will go through a major purge as a result.

change your piont of view…you never know where your true happiness lies unless you have some other frame of reference to compare it to. never underestimate trying something radically new and different. it could change your life for the better!