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i heart my mailman

made for my own size 5 mailman, with love because he is always bringing me cards and gifts... because he always delivers my bills and junk mail with a big smile... because he knows my car and always waves to my son and i while enroute... because he never judges us for all the secrets our mail must reveal... because he leaves doggie treats in my mailbox for my two poochies... because he is always willing to hand me my mail if i pass him on the street... and especially because he inspired my son to want to spread the snailmail love for halloween this year, and is giving him an official usps hat to wear with his little homemade costume! i heart jim

swirling and creating

8x10 "tangled" i have been on my own the past few days, hubby's been away. to fill the space, i find myself busy with a strong desire to create...this piece i started painting yesterday as the rain swirled all around my little house. i have had these lanterns on my inspiration board for months now, and it seemed time to put them to work. i had fun playing with the elements of light and dark. creating on canvas is brand new to me, and i am really relishing in the newness of this tactile adventure. i don't know why, but blank canvases always used to scare me. it always seemed so intimidating to alter that perfect white surface. it really wasn't until jes's art retreat that i was really able to learn let go of this fear of making a mistake creatively. i am so greatful to have had that experience with the help of all those fabulous creative women to breath life into this medium for me! my little guy is even having a blast painting like a "real artist&quo

in my head

view from the top of poet's seat tower, greenfield ma there has been lots of talk around my house lately about being in your head. about being stuck in your thoughts and the process of thinking as opposed to being well grounded and balanced in your entire body. this so well sums up how i feel these days, so i can totally relate to this heady phenomenon. this photo of a beautiful place we visited and letterboxed this summer really symbolizes that feeling of being all up top. my head is busy churning...thinking about creative projects for christmas, cleaning and reorganizing, school stuff, work stuff, studio stuff, friendships, meal planning, family plans, books to read, blogging ideas, laundry to do, calls to make, appointments to schedule and so's all zooming around in there. and while i am on the outside, very productive, on the inside i am craving just to be mentally still in downward dog on my yoga mat, but i just can't quite get there. being in my head mea

when i grow up (it's never too late to dream)

tagged by this sweet soul , i have been asked to reveal 5 things i want to be, because it is never too late to live your dreams! my 5 are simple notions, but have limitless depth and possibility. every day brings me a step closer. when i grow up, i dream of... ...finding contentment, comfort, wisdom and peace all from within my very own self. ...nurturing my soul with creating and writing and inspiring ~ always. ...growing old and happy hand-in-hand with my husband, and my family and friends around me every moment along the way. ...always having the desire to learn something new like knitting, and singing, and playing tennis, and cooking the yummiest authentic korean food. ...leaving my permanent mark on this world in some beautiful, meaningful and memorable way. would love you to hear your dreams, because you inspire me so... brittany , michelle , erina , kristen , and susannah

taking stock

~ banner photo ~ pink sky at dawn 8.19.07 ~ 5:05am taken in the stillness of my back yard, and tucked away for this day that i knew would eventually come was time for me to come back to my original blogging home. i can tell you already that it feels so good to be back here in this place. i am hoping that enough time and distance has gone by since my last appearance as pink sky so that this will almost be like a fresh start. in some ways it is a fresh start...with new friends, new ideas, and a new place in my journey to begin, but in other ways it is like coming back to a familiar place after a long time away (and seeing familiar faces ~ angela and jill, how did you find me so fast? i so love that you did :) with all that life throws our way, it so so wonderful to be surrounded (even virtually) by family and friends. thanks for walking this road along side me... life...has been crazy and messy, with so many highlights and inumerable lows. that's life. i ke