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in my head

view from the top of poet's seat tower, greenfield ma

there has been lots of talk around my house lately about being in your head. about being stuck in your thoughts and the process of thinking as opposed to being well grounded and balanced in your entire body. this so well sums up how i feel these days, so i can totally relate to this heady phenomenon. this photo of a beautiful place we visited and letterboxed this summer really symbolizes that feeling of being all up top.

my head is busy churning...thinking about creative projects for christmas, cleaning and reorganizing, school stuff, work stuff, studio stuff, friendships, meal planning, family plans, books to read, blogging ideas, laundry to do, calls to make, appointments to schedule and so's all zooming around in there. and while i am on the outside, very productive, on the inside i am craving just to be mentally still in downward dog on my yoga mat, but i just can't quite get there.

being in my head means that i am really only thinking and i am not really being. it's a little zombie-ish feeling. i find myself scribbling down notes and ideas feverishly, so that they don't fly right away, and i am far less tactile and engaging than i usually like to be. all head, no body.

do you ever feel this way? and what do you do to get your head out of the clouds and your feet back firmly rooted to the earth? tell me what really grounds you.