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swirling and creating

8x10 "tangled"

i have been on my own the past few days, hubby's been away. to fill the space, i find myself busy with a strong desire to create...this piece i started painting yesterday as the rain swirled all around my little house. i have had these lanterns on my inspiration board for months now, and it seemed time to put them to work. i had fun playing with the elements of light and dark.

creating on canvas is brand new to me, and i am really relishing in the newness of this tactile adventure. i don't know why, but blank canvases always used to scare me. it always seemed so intimidating to alter that perfect white surface. it really wasn't until jes's art retreat that i was really able to learn let go of this fear of making a mistake creatively. i am so greatful to have had that experience with the help of all those fabulous creative women to breath life into this medium for me! my little guy is even having a blast painting like a "real artist". below is his version of jackson pollock's number 1. messy and fun! his love for everything art really inspires me in new ways too.

with so many ideas swirling around inside me, i am also in the process of putting together a revised version of my lifebook. while i love the creative layout of my previous homemade organizer, it just got to bulky to lug around. it was great to have everything all in one place, but i need to downsize in order to make it more portable. because i could not find the yummy organic recycled binder in a smaller size, i chose this beautiful recycled paper that i have been saving up for something special for the cover. so bright and warm and fun!

tomorrow, i will be diving into these papers to create a paperquilt as a gift for a special artist friend. her wedding colors are sage and cream and buttery pretty. for a new twist, i am going to try to make this a two sided quilt and then press it into a floating frame between two pieces of glass. i thought it would make for an interesting creative surprise. i'm still thinking through all the logistics, but i will post pics to show you the finished product. i love weddings and love :)