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taking stock

~ banner photo ~
pink sky at dawn
8.19.07 ~ 5:05am
taken in the stillness of my back yard,
and tucked away for this day
that i knew would eventually come was time for me to come back to my original blogging home. i can tell you already that it feels so good to be back here in this place. i am hoping that enough time and distance has gone by since my last appearance as pink sky so that this will almost be like a fresh start. in some ways it is a fresh start...with new friends, new ideas, and a new place in my journey to begin, but in other ways it is like coming back to a familiar place after a long time away (and seeing familiar faces ~ angela and jill, how did you find me so fast? i so love that you did :) with all that life throws our way, it so so wonderful to be surrounded (even virtually) by family and friends. thanks for walking this road along side me...

life...has been crazy and messy, with so many highlights and inumerable lows. that's life. i keep catching myself thinking "if i can just get through this next week...this next will all even out" and i keep forgetting that life doesn't slow down or even out. it just keeps chugging along, changing direction, and surprising you around every turn. somedays it is exhausting, and somedays are exhilerating. no day is ever boring. changes for me are thick on the horizon.

family...for our little unit of 3, this fall has meant adjustment. adjustment to a new schedule as well as a brand new school that has introduced us to a new way of thinking and doing. the world of waldorf we have found to be warm and welcoming, and rooted in such reverance and beauty for the simplicities of childhood. it is nuturing and wonder in it's purest form, and we are so happy to have made this leap. it has brought to our family a new morning routine, the elimination of television (yes it can be done!), a closer connection to our mother earth, candlelit meals to mimic those at school, and especially a beautiful way of being to strive for everyday. this is certainly not without it's challanges, but we are all so excited to have the opportunity to learn!

friends...over the past months i have been lucky enough to have forged new friendships and nurture those that have always been near and dear. i have looked closely at what these relationships mean to me, and what i am able to give and what i take away. i have stepped back from one or two because i have come to realize there was more negative there than positive. i have invited in one or two and am so excited to see where the roads will lead us.

work...the early months of the wish studio have been blessed with the support and participation of so many beautiful souls. i know that my life was meant to have community like this surrounding me. the possibilities of growing and continuing to create this community still thrives within me even though our physical space has been uprooted. we waited as long as we could for studio logistics to be resolved, but it was just not meant to be within the walls we had set up in. it has been a valuable lesson in what-could-be vs. what-actually-is, and i will not be so easily lead by promises as i search for a new place for the studio to land. please keep in touch with me over at the studio never know where and when we will resurface!