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when i grow up (it's never too late to dream)

tagged by this sweet soul, i have been asked to reveal 5 things i want to be, because it is never too late to live your dreams! my 5 are simple notions, but have limitless depth and possibility. every day brings me a step closer.

when i grow up, i dream of...

...finding contentment, comfort, wisdom and peace all from within my very own self.

...nurturing my soul with creating and writing and inspiring ~ always.

...growing old and happy hand-in-hand with my husband, and my family and friends around me every moment along the way.

...always having the desire to learn something new like knitting, and singing, and playing tennis, and cooking the yummiest authentic korean food.

...leaving my permanent mark on this world in some beautiful, meaningful and memorable way.

would love you to hear your dreams, because you inspire me so...brittany, michelle, erina, kristen, and susannah