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thoughts on my creative dreams (a tag)

1 ~ somewhere deep within me, i know there is a book to be written. i hear it quietly whispering to me in the background of my internal dialogue. i can't make out the words clearly yet, so i don't know what this book wants to be, but i feel it there. waiting to shout something out to the world. 2 ~ i have been doing a lot of thinking about the two businesses i have created. time is always pulling them in new directions and places, but they are still very close to my heart and i will continue to nurture these seedlings. the nonprofit program grew out of my desire to connect and support mothers, and the wish studio evolved out of my desire to form a community of women in a more creative rhelm. what i have come to learn about both these is that i did not create either one for the money. i brought them to life envisioning circles of women coming together because of their desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. i have new ideas of how i want the marriage of th

feeling lots of feelings

i sit here today beginning to write, then deleting and rewriting. i've done this several times now. i know i have things to say. there are lots of things swirling around in my head but the thoughts and feelings are not forming easily. it feels like trying to catch the fog. i can't pin anything down and form the words. maybe later... 11.29 edited to add: as the day progressed, i knew it was going to be a junk day. i have days like that. where my head is thick, and i have absolutely nothing to give, i feel sluggish and angry at the sky for being so beautiful, and i try smothering the dull unexplained achiness with sleep and food and bitterness to no avail. this is an ugly side of myself. still, every once in a while i invite her in. her beauty and grace are intoxocating and she promises comfort but it is always a trick. she comes and casts her black spells around me and offers me the sweet taste of anger like a shiny, perfect, red, poison apple. with time she bleeds into me like

aedm week 3 :: greening up my gift giving & a holiday swap

this year for the holiday season, my goal ls to try to go as green as i can with my gift giving. charlie brown is so right, the holidays are too focused on commercialism. art everyday month has really helped me start thinking of fun gift ideas i can make, and how to create them in the greenest way possible. i have so many craft supplies that i have accumulated over the years, and i am always saving things that i think i might be able to reuse someday. this year, since i have everything out in front of me because of our move, i am going to put it to good use...lots of fabric, great papers, bits of trim, and yarn and beads, little canvases and scraps and do dads. my goal is to make something for as many people on my list as possible. any gifts i do have to buy i want to make sure it is a gift with a conscience or bought from a fab indie shop. here are some of the things on my gift giving list... broken bits of crayons remade into these great swirly coloring discs leftover yarn made in

blessings and thanks

home unfolding for a new world of wonders to explore and discover...movers with smiles even in dust and rain...emails awaiting our arrival from family and friends...the stack of boxes getting smaller and smaller...celebrating the first snowflakes of the season outside our new wide windows by playing this cd and dancing with my son...finally finding and unpacking the coffee press...laying in bed in the morning and watching the birds fly past our skylight...lots of breathing much love and support...strings of tiny white time by the warm stove playing games...seeing the ocean all day rhythms and routines guided gently by the tide...the planning of gatherings and playdates and sleepovers in a house we can't wait to fill with laughter and happy memories...possibilities, always...creating the coziness of home on walls, in corners, on shelves...unpacking treasures we have long forgotten about like a silk mobile from korea, my sons hand cast at


ˈsaŋ(k)-chə-ˌwer-ē\ function: noun etymology: middle english seintuarie, sanctuarie, from anglo-french, from late latin sanctuarium, from latin sanctus date: 14th century 1: a place of refuge and protection b (1): a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal 2: the immunity from law attached to a sanctuary 3: a consecrated place: b (1): the most sacred part of a religious building (2): a place for worship in this time and place, we are seeking fitting and poetic that our new home is within the borders of an actual santuary. a place of refuge and protection. a sacred place. here is where we will find the time and space to renew, recharge, and move forward. there are beautiful beaches here, and miles of winding trails, and thousands of birds who also call this place home. we are really craving this space after feeling so closed in for so long. with the holidays right aroung the corner, the cold weather looming, and this unsettled feeling of

aedm: week 1 :: saying goodbye

this is the art of our days right now. the art of saying goodbye. with our move coming upon us quickly and this sudden shift in educational paths into the world of special ed, life is dishing up this hard lesson to us in very challenging doses. my four year old and i spent the good part of the week making goodbye tokens for his nursary school classmates. usually creating, for both he and i, is very grounding and liberating and fun. yet with this project there was an intense emotional process behind making these little wishing stones, which took us days to gently to navigate. i helped him move through each step as best as i knew how, but honestly i just felt so inadequate. trying to explain such a complex situation to a young child, one that you barely understand yourself, in addition to all the emotion involved, is quite challenging. we are all only human. i keep telling myself that. and so on tuesday we gathered in the sunlight, and on wednesday we painted within the safe circle of


a lot is being thrown our way these days and it is all coming in great crashing waves. we are being challenged to the very core of what we know and believe ~ about love, about expectations, about the physical world and the role of "things" in our life, about money, about community, about family, about growth and learning, about shame and redemption, and ultimately about finding true inner happiness. the road is long. many of our old ideals are being scattered to the wind to make room for new ones. expectations are being reshaped. love is just about all that is keeping us glued and whole. and we are quickly learning that that is enough. our world is in a major phase of deconstruction, and it will all be taken down, brick by brick, to the foundation. though along with the grieving and loss and fear, there still remains hope. hope of rebuilding stronger and better and wiser, with the tools of experience, our bags full of life lessons, and our hearts open to what is to come. w

art everyday month

as promised...the paper wedding quilt (front and back) this is my intro post in honor of leah's art every day month for november. i will post once a week (probably on fridays) to give you a little glimps into my creative world. i am always creating, so i do think that i already create something each day in one way or another. for aed month, i want to be more mindful and intentional about my creativity and document it all here. i want to share and savor the bits and pieces of all the different things that are a part of my creative process...the things that come from me that tell the story of my days and narrate my life as a creative soul. i am hoping this little artful journey will be filled with fun and insight for all of us. happy creating to all of you too!