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aedm: week 1 :: saying goodbye

this is the art of our days right now. the art of saying goodbye.

with our move coming upon us quickly and this sudden shift in educational paths into the world of special ed, life is dishing up this hard lesson to us in very challenging doses.

my four year old and i spent the good part of the week making goodbye tokens for his nursary school classmates. usually creating, for both he and i, is very grounding and liberating and fun. yet with this project there was an intense emotional process behind making these little wishing stones, which took us days to gently to navigate. i helped him move through each step as best as i knew how, but honestly i just felt so inadequate. trying to explain such a complex situation to a young child, one that you barely understand yourself, in addition to all the emotion involved, is quite challenging. we are all only human. i keep telling myself that.

and so on tuesday we gathered in the sunlight, and on wednesday we painted within the safe circle of our kitchen table, and on thursday we delivered to a wonderful place we could no longer be a part of...and each day we processed and held on to each other while sparkling with glitter and tears.