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blessings and thanks

home unfolding

for a new world of wonders to explore and discover...movers with smiles even in dust and rain...emails awaiting our arrival from family and friends...the stack of boxes getting smaller and smaller...celebrating the first snowflakes of the season outside our new wide windows by playing this cd and dancing with my son...finally finding and unpacking the coffee press...laying in bed in the morning and watching the birds fly past our skylight...lots of breathing much love and support...strings of tiny white time by the warm stove playing games...seeing the ocean all day rhythms and routines guided gently by the tide...the planning of gatherings and playdates and sleepovers in a house we can't wait to fill with laughter and happy memories...possibilities, always...creating the coziness of home on walls, in corners, on shelves...unpacking treasures we have long forgotten about like a silk mobile from korea, my sons hand cast at age 2, stacks of journals that i thought were lost, and a beautiful rose tea set that was my nana's...a husband who is shooting stars, chocolate cake, soul-catching music, and sunlight, all rolled into one...really realizing that what we need to survive and be happy did not come with us in a box or a bag ~ love, fortitude, bravery, friendship, and hope is always holding us up and carrying us forward.