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ˈsaŋ(k)-chə-ˌwer-ē\function: noun
etymology: middle english seintuarie, sanctuarie, from anglo-french, from late latin sanctuarium, from latin sanctus
date: 14th century
1: a place of refuge and protection b (1): a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal 2: the immunity from law attached to a sanctuary 3: a consecrated place: b (1): the most sacred part of a religious building (2): a place for worship

in this time and place, we are seeking fitting and poetic that our new home is within the borders of an actual santuary. a place of refuge and protection. a sacred place. here is where we will find the time and space to renew, recharge, and move forward. there are beautiful beaches here, and miles of winding trails, and thousands of birds who also call this place home. we are really craving this space after feeling so closed in for so long.

with the holidays right aroung the corner, the cold weather looming, and this unsettled feeling of being in between, we are happy to move sooner than later. our house is filling up with boxes and we are poised to release what is no longer working for us. we are looking ahead to the possibilities...

in this crazy, ever changing world where do you find sanctuary?