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thoughts on my creative dreams (a tag)

1 ~ somewhere deep within me, i know there is a book to be written. i hear it quietly whispering to me in the background of my internal dialogue. i can't make out the words clearly yet, so i don't know what this book wants to be, but i feel it there. waiting to shout something out to the world.

2 ~ i have been doing a lot of thinking about the two businesses i have created. time is always pulling them in new directions and places, but they are still very close to my heart and i will continue to nurture these seedlings. the nonprofit program grew out of my desire to connect and support mothers, and the wish studio evolved out of my desire to form a community of women in a more creative rhelm. what i have come to learn about both these is that i did not create either one for the money. i brought them to life envisioning circles of women coming together because of their desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. i have new ideas of how i want the marriage of these two extentions of myself to coexist and flourish. moving my creative endeavors forward is definately part of my creative dream.

3 ~ through the process of creating a mother's wish and the wish studio, i am learning more about my own motivations, strengths and weaknesses as a woman, a mother, a creative soul, and entrepeneur. i am searching for the right balance of all these things. through the ups and downs i am getting a clearer picture of what that balance is. i want my ideals and creativity to infuse these areas of my life. what i don't want is my life to be defined by what i do creatively. i sometimes struggle with this. always coming from a place of intention and authenticity is a lifetime of work i will work to embrace each day.

4 ~ i hope to continue to connect with all kinds of creative women for inspiration, for friendships, for personal and professional growth. i have been very blessed to have such women in my life...those who really lift me up, and teach me about passion and dreams! you are all an integral part of my world.

5 ~ on the flip side, i hope to inspire others to keep pushing to make their creative dreams real. inspiring someone elses creativity is such an honor and a gift.

6 ~ there comes a lot of responsibility and pressure at times from being someone who is creative. expectations are sometimes that you are always creating and making things, and this pressure can be both internal and external. another of my creative dreams is to find the freedom and confidence in my creativity. to come to that place where i feel like i am creating for the pure joy of it, and not letting expecations get in the way of the real process.

7 ~ i want to learn more about art. i would love the opportunity to take some art history, painting, photography, silk screening, jewelry making, pottery, fiber arts...anything really. i love to learn and be dazzled by the knowledge how things work. as an adult learner it is all about the experience, not the end result. the idea of being in a room with lots of creative people and lots to learn is so exciting!

8 ~ my son has always been enthralled by all things creative. from the wrapped islands to creating concoctions, to painting and gluing, his fascination is always being captured by new ideas and artful experiences. my dream is to fully support and inspire his creative interests that will someday evolve into his own creative dreams.

thanks melba for this thoughtful and inspiring tag. now it's your turn to tell me your creative dreams!

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