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amy given monday

4:45 husband kisses me goodbye in the dark.

5:30am "mom? can you come in here a minute? i need you." "it's almost morning. you're ok." "noooooo! i need to go potty" "then go ahead." (footsteps)

5:45 "mom? is it time to get up yet?" "not yet. five more minutes"

6:30 "mom? is five minutes up yet?" "one minute left!"

7:00 (now in my bed) "mom. it's morning" "i know...{yawn}"

7:15 feed dogs and let them out, coffee on, curious george on, warm milk heated and warm slippers on, survey fridge for breakfast, check email, drink said coffee and begin to wake up.

8:00 breakfast for two at the table, seeing if the ducks are here yet, checking weather and tide, talk about our day ahead.

8:30 husband calls to check in "how's your day going?" "good. oops gotta go because o is (jumping on the couch, chasing the cat, climbing on the counter, or some other attention getting mom's-on-the-phone behavior)

8:31 "see you later. xx" "bye."

9:00 wrangle a wiggly 4 year old and help him reluctantly get dressed. find something not too terribly mommish to wear.

10:00 play, blog, craft...or something. eat am snack "mom? can i have candy or gum?" "it's 10 in the morning. no way. how about an apple?" " always say that!"

10:30 out of the house to run errands du jour.

12:00 lunch time. "mom? can i have candy now?" {sigh} "no. eat some lunch please."

12:30 computer time...super secret spy or the schmancy smash up game or grocery a-go-go or some such preschool silliness.

1:00 quiet time (yay!), pick up house, throw in laundry, do dishes, organize, make calls, maybe read a little or take a spotty nap.

1:10 "mom? is quiet time over?" "no. would you like to look at a book?" "but that's too boring!" "how about some music?" "can i chew gum? that's fun."

2:00 with renewed a game or craft some more or go outside...

3:00 snacktime again. "yes. you can have some gum after your snack, but you are not having candy."

4:45 "dad's home!" (wha who!)

5:30 dinner for three, maybe a candle and some soft music, talk about the best parts of our days "what was your favorite part of the day?" "having gum!" "besides having gum."

6:15 shower, jammies (usually under protest), and brush teeth

6:30 family time, usually a game of uno or war or memory or cariboo. maybe a little yatzee or playing train or store.

7:00 stories in bed

7:30 bedtime! (hopefully, but not usually)

8:30 half asleep in the big stuffed chair in my son's room, deciding whether or not to crawl right into bed or go spend an hour with hubby.

8:45 snuggle on couch with tired husband in front of the tv, grateful he does the dishes.

9:30 husband goes off to sleep. read, blog, journal, watch bad girlie reality tv or private practice, and fall asleep exhausted :)

all day long...lucky mama.