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latkes and love

what is better than...

making crazy gingerbread houses with glurpy icing and too hard candies and lots of laughs, especially when the roof slides off and crashes to the floor

homemade gifties like this record-bowl and herb packs to toast your cold toes, pictures drawn by little hands and notecards sewn with love

friends arriving wrapped in hats and slippers, tie-dye and smiles, and lots of t.l.c.

finding out your fire alarm works because of the charred lunch smoking in your oven (and the kids laughing instead of freaking out at the rediculously loud noise :)

catching up and watching the grinch and time flying and hugs

hannukah candles the colors of the rainbow, an antique manorah that has been in the family for years, hot latkes with applesauce and sour cream

getting a weekend's worth of errands done in one day with a smiling child

planning a little family birthday party for my dad here at the new house

watching the seagulls play chase over the icy waves

a play store set up in one of the spare bedrooms, complete with a register, shopping bags, and lots of recycled "food" containers to stock the shelves with

seeing old christmas specials for the first time in years, like rudolphs shiny new year and the year without a santa clause

ella fitzgerald's christmas cd playing jazzy renditions of our favorite tunes

my 35th adoption anniversary around the corner and teaching my son about it

glitter on everything

exploring all the little shops and galleries in our new neighborhood, all festively decorated and brimming with small treasures