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my adoption anniversary

35 years ago this picture was taken. that's the white bundle, and my young parents and my nana full of happiness and hope, amidst the chaos of JFK airport, having just recieved me off the airplane. i loved to hear my mom tell me the story of my arrival ~ how i was left on the steps of a police station, how i was in an orphanage therearter, how they got the tiny fuzzy black and white picture of me with my korean name written on it, how i flew for almost a day halfway across the world, how they waited that long trip plus 10 months for me to arrive, how i rode the whole way on the lap of a Holt angel and didn't cry, how i was the last one off a crowded plane and how anxious and excited they were, how i needed my diaper changed right away in the airport but they didn't want to put me down, how i was homely and sick and malnourished and the most beautiful baby they had ever seen, how at first i slept all day and was awake all night still on korean time, how i held and was fascinated by a tin of colorfully wrapped candies so i would stay awake, how i loved eating new foods and flourished with the basic necessities of love and nourishment and care...

it was like having my very own fairytale with a happy ending. my brother, hearing the story often as well, thought that this was how all babies came to be...born from planes :) i think he knows better now.

we celebrated today with stories and flowers and a special dinner and love. always so much love.