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down the rabbit hole

this past week She came by and and decided to stay uninvited for a while. now that she's packed her bags and is poised to leave, i am thinking about good things. things that will help me climb out of the hole and give me hope and faith in my place in this world. i am thinking about how i am not alone, and how these women's words (and countless others) lift me up and remind me of that. i am thinking about how grateful i am to have my sweet cousin jill, to talk to, and rant with, and hold onto, for she is all compassion and wisdom and humor and understanding, and love. i am thinking that even in my darkest hours, i still have deep wells of strength and resourcefulness that surprise me every time. i am thinking that i am so glad it is a rainy day today and i can stay in my pajamas and drink tea and snuggle with my little one. i am thinking about how my family still loves me, no matter what. i am thinking about the long weekend ahead and ways to create some warmth and joy for

mondo beyondo

growing in keeping with superhero's new year ritual, i'm inspired to participate in her mondo beyondo 2008 to put 2007 to rest and embrace the year unfolding... 1. what do you want to acknowledge yourself for in regard to 2007? (what did you create? what challenges did you face with courage and strength? what promises did you keep to yourself? what brave choices did you make? what are you proud of?) the year brought me so much joy through the creation of the wish studio community. even though it is evolving and changing, i am so grateful to have planted these seeds that have made my life richer with new friendships, so much inspiration and opportunity, and the creation of a path towards more mindful and fullfilled living. adding yoga to my life in '07 was a true blessing as well, giving me the long overdue opportunity to reconnect with my body and giving my spirit the space to release the stresses of life. i returned to my journal this past year and my original blog

faith in the universe

having just moved to a new area, i have been looking into my different options for practicing yoga. i was so excited and finally decided to try this great ashtanga class at a unique studio barn. i left my house after prying my son from my leg, the wind howling outside to the tune of 16 degrees and my car crusted in ice, my yoga matt scrunched under my arm, and my stomach empty, determined to finally get my yoga on. i decided on my way to class to stop for a bottle of water. though i knew time was a little tight and i wanted to get there early to get settled in, i stopped anyway remembering the teacher said there was no water available there. around the corner i found the street i was looking for but after driving up and down the road twice, i could not find the studio. it was dark and the there were no numbers on the mailboxes and the houses were all set back from the road. i drove slowly back and forth, sqinting my eyes and even pulling into a few driveways to try to see where i was.

what's your wish

happy 2008! another new year, another fresh start. i love this time when everyone is making their new years goals. i too am thinking about my intentions for this new year. as i am not a huge fan of resolutions because they often set us up for disappoointment, i am taking time to dwell in the possibilities of my wishes for the coming year. here are some of mine for 2008... *set a regular yoga practice (i hope twice weekly) *make more frequent connections with friends and family *make more of my own art *make progress on the path of joy and success for my son *inspire two special someones to start their own blogs (which i am dying to read!) *donate lots of warm blankets from a mother's wish, my nonprofit for babies in need *re-energize wish studio with fresh a look and new opportunities to connect in '08 *remember to wear jewelery and dress more for fun *create a budget that works toward our financial goals, not just paying the bills *reduce, reuse, recycle more *get the most