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down the rabbit hole

this past week She came by and and decided to stay uninvited for a while. now that she's packed her bags and is poised to leave, i am thinking about good things. things that will help me climb out of the hole and give me hope and faith in my place in this world.

i am thinking about how i am not alone, and how these women's words (and countless others) lift me up and remind me of that.

i am thinking about how grateful i am to have my sweet cousin jill, to talk to, and rant with, and hold onto, for she is all compassion and wisdom and humor and understanding, and love.

i am thinking that even in my darkest hours, i still have deep wells of strength and resourcefulness that surprise me every time.

i am thinking that i am so glad it is a rainy day today and i can stay in my pajamas and drink tea and snuggle with my little one.

i am thinking about how my family still loves me, no matter what.

i am thinking about the long weekend ahead and ways to create some warmth and joy for my two boys.

i am thinking about how relief is just around the corner.

i am thinking about painting something today.

i am thinking about these pink flowers and the bright blue sky because they make me smile.

i am thinking about all the friends who have called, missing me in my disappearance.

i am thinking about yoga.

i am thinking about re-reading this book, and unearthing little bits of inspiring wisdom like tiny treasures.

i am thinking how i want and need to plan a vacation, even if it's just to the local sheraton just for a change of pace and scenery, and maybe a soak in the jacuzzi.

i am thinking about saying hello to the world again very soon.