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faith in the universe

having just moved to a new area, i have been looking into my different options for practicing yoga. i was so excited and finally decided to try this great ashtanga class at a unique studio barn. i left my house after prying my son from my leg, the wind howling outside to the tune of 16 degrees and my car crusted in ice, my yoga matt scrunched under my arm, and my stomach empty, determined to finally get my yoga on.

i decided on my way to class to stop for a bottle of water. though i knew time was a little tight and i wanted to get there early to get settled in, i stopped anyway remembering the teacher said there was no water available there. around the corner i found the street i was looking for but after driving up and down the road twice, i could not find the studio. it was dark and the there were no numbers on the mailboxes and the houses were all set back from the road. i drove slowly back and forth, sqinting my eyes and even pulling into a few driveways to try to see where i was. by the time i finally found the barn it was 6:34, four minutes late.

i sat in my car in the driveway and thought how badly i needed to go to this class. i banged my fist on the steering wheel in frustration and wanted to cry for all the effort it had taken to get me here on this cold winter night. i imagined trying to scurry in quietly and unnoticed, but realized that this would be in bad form as well as not being the way i wanted to introduce myself into a new yoga community. i was so mad at myself for not being able to get my act together in time and drove away crestfallen. it just wasn't meant to be.

the next morning i went online to check and see when the next class was so i could plan to be there come hell or high water. turns out the class i tried to go to the night before hadn't even started yet. i had the date wrong and the class began the following week. i could not believe it. the universe was had knowingly diverted me. i was so grateful i had not gone up and knocked on the door. a gentle reminder from the powers that be: slow down and keep the faith.