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what's your wish

happy 2008! another new year, another fresh start. i love this time when everyone is making their new years goals. i too am thinking about my intentions for this new year. as i am not a huge fan of resolutions because they often set us up for disappoointment, i am taking time to dwell in the possibilities of my wishes for the coming year. here are some of mine for 2008...

*set a regular yoga practice (i hope twice weekly)
*make more frequent connections with friends and family
*make more of my own art
*make progress on the path of joy and success for my son
*inspire two special someones to start their own blogs (which i am dying to read!)
*donate lots of warm blankets from a mother's wish, my nonprofit for babies in need
*re-energize wish studio with fresh a look and new opportunities to connect in '08
*remember to wear jewelery and dress more for fun
*create a budget that works toward our financial goals, not just paying the bills
*reduce, reuse, recycle more
*get the most out of all our healthcare benefits (they offer so much i never knew)
*take better care of my physical and mental health
*watch my little one grow into a boy, as the preschool years come to an end
*get to know my new neighbors
*go outside for fresh air with my son everyday, even if it is just to the mailbox
*send birthday cards on time
*grow fresh herbs to cook with
*set up a meditation corner in my bedroom
*let go, more
*try shifting my sleep pattern to 11 to 6, and give myself the gift of more time
*invite more happiness and less stress
*go 1 month as a vegetarian to see if it is something i might consider
*paint my livingroom and invite in color and bohemian inspiration
*practice gratitude
*align the stars for #2 to join our family
*journal the best moment of each day in a book and give it as a gift to myself at the end of the year