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36 gifts on my birthday

1...sleeping until daylight, which hasn't happened in a long time 2...waking up to the sweetest, sleepy, off key, rendition of "happy birthday to mama" 3...the card my son picked for me wtih a goofy pug on it that makes him laugh out loud 4...the day stretching out before me with no shoulds, only decadent possibilities 5...thinking ahead to the years to come, with possibly a whole other lifetime still to live 6...a brand new hot pink ipod 7...the sun finally shining after a long stretch of cold and clouds and too much rain 8...confirming plans for the gift of an entire day of just my husband and myself 9...calls and emails and wishes of happiness steadily streaming in throughout the day 10...wearing my favorite pink beaded earrings 11...listening in my car to an interview with the author of buddah 9 to 5 12...a fireside get together with a friend, sipping warm drinks and sharing life 13...making plans to go to a fabulous art retreat next month with some great bloggie f

our love

our love is... infinate, strong, & sometimes messy. but it is ours and therefore more than i could ever ask for. it is wheatland street, small factory at the causway, and mika in his playpen. it is c.o.p. and a setup in the isles of toys R' us, it is all night in the park being young and free, the top of mount washington snuggling in sleeping bags zipped together, and the first fateful ski trip with xtc playing in the car. it is elliott always in the sink and in the way, and always new music and new food to share with a girl of the bland suburbs. it is playing hooky from work (even after getting my mom on the phone) to make love and be together. it is life together than apart then together again because we couldn't bear being apart. it is the city of sin by the sea and the friendships born between us, and halloween parties and random fireworks off the balcony. it is adopting a puppy in the night like contraband, and falling in love with all legs and paws. it is the shine of

being pink

"me" foam block print negative 2002 pink is often misunderstood. it is somtimes quiet and soft, sometimes baudy and passionate, sometimes hot and shocking. it is distinctly feminine and carries with it many assumptions and even responsibilities. pink is not quite the molten fire of red, nor the peaceful expanse of white. it encompases an infinity of in betweens often dancing with moody blue and embracing warm yellow. pink has lots of room to play, evolve, and create. pink is dynamic and not always clearly defined. it is flushed with a wide range of emotions. this is me. pink through and through. as a teenager i rebelled against pink, thinking it was too conventional, too predictable, too stereotypical and girly, and i chose to dabble in purple for a while. purple felt weightier, more rebellious, darker and more mysterious, and so was i at the time. still i knew that purple wasn't really me. i knew deep down that i was pink. now, pink nurtures me and inspires me. it

yin and yang

fascinating eastern thinking believes in the core principals of yin and yang; that the universe, and therefore everything in it, is locked in this eternal dance of expansion (yin) and contraction (yang). everything is made up of both this inward and outward energy in different fluctuating ratios, which always has a profound effect on how things relate to one another on any given day. in my quiet space i have been learning more about this philosophy, and have been practicing looking at my world through this new yin/yang filter. here is a peek at some of what i see... the cold embrace of winter and a world in hibernation (yang) ~ the yearning for spring and the promise of it's return (yin) a period of downward gathering emotions drawing me into myself (yang) ~ the energy of other souls helping to usher me forward (yin) the grounding energy from the earth spiraling upward (yin) ~ the the radiant energy of the universe pouring down over us (yang) {which by the way is what creates