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36 gifts on my birthday

1...sleeping until daylight, which hasn't happened in a long time
2...waking up to the sweetest, sleepy, off key, rendition of "happy birthday to mama"
3...the card my son picked for me wtih a goofy pug on it that makes him laugh out loud
4...the day stretching out before me with no shoulds, only decadent possibilities
5...thinking ahead to the years to come, with possibly a whole other lifetime still to live
6...a brand new hot pink ipod
7...the sun finally shining after a long stretch of cold and clouds and too much rain
8...confirming plans for the gift of an entire day of just my husband and myself
9...calls and emails and wishes of happiness steadily streaming in throughout the day
10...wearing my favorite pink beaded earrings
11...listening in my car to an interview with the author of buddah 9 to 5
12...a fireside get together with a friend, sipping warm drinks and sharing life
13...making plans to go to a fabulous art retreat next month with some great bloggie friends
14...a special handmade journal wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbon
15...time at home to enjoy the quiet and talk on the phone uninterrupted
16...a free haircut that made me feel lighter and brighter and new
17...window shopping and wandering the aisles alone and contented
18...peanuts and chocolate and hazlenut coffee
19...picking up the latest issue of real simple (with an article about blogs that caught my eye)
20..the soundtrack to the movie juno, so sweet and fun
21...puffy pink and purple clouds in the sky on my way home just before sunset
22...realizing at 5 o'clock it is still daylight, and thinking spring is slowly making it's way
23...surprise plans for a sledding party and bonfire tomorrow night
24...friday pizza and game night and playing with two furry visiters, wind and water
25...a perfect, tiny chocolate cream pie with a pink candle for dessert
26...thoughtful packages filled with goodies from family far away
27...tea and mango licorice and new shiny things to wear around my neck
28...seeing the joy of the occasion in my son's eyes, knowing it is all a gift to him as well
29...writing in my new studio space that i started setting up as my birthday gift to myself
30...the moon shining down on me through the skylight like an old friend saying hello
31...a heart to heart talk with my husband, full of surprises, honesty, emotion and hope glass of yummy merlot
33...looking forward to the birthday party and get togethers still to come next week
34...loving that my special day is always nestled between valentines and vacation time
35...time to sit and reflect and be grateful
36...going to bed sleepy and fullfilled and happy