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being pink

"me" foam block print negative 2002

pink is often misunderstood. it is somtimes quiet and soft, sometimes baudy and passionate, sometimes hot and shocking. it is distinctly feminine and carries with it many assumptions and even responsibilities.

pink is not quite the molten fire of red, nor the peaceful expanse of white. it encompases an infinity of in betweens often dancing with moody blue and embracing warm yellow. pink has lots of room to play, evolve, and create. pink is dynamic and not always clearly defined. it is flushed with a wide range of emotions.

this is me. pink through and through.

as a teenager i rebelled against pink, thinking it was too conventional, too predictable, too stereotypical and girly, and i chose to dabble in purple for a while. purple felt weightier, more rebellious, darker and more mysterious, and so was i at the time. still i knew that purple wasn't really me. i knew deep down that i was pink.

now, pink nurtures me and inspires me. it wraps me in joy or cradles me with sensitivity. it keeps me in touch with my 'sugar and spice'. it feels pretty and creative and sexy and beautiful. pink is dreamy. pink is love. pink unites women. pink is powerful.

are you pink too?