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yin and yang

fascinating eastern thinking believes in the core principals of yin and yang; that the universe, and therefore everything in it, is locked in this eternal dance of expansion (yin) and contraction (yang). everything is made up of both this inward and outward energy in different fluctuating ratios, which always has a profound effect on how things relate to one another on any given day.

in my quiet space i have been learning more about this philosophy, and have been practicing looking at my world through this new yin/yang filter.

here is a peek at some of what i see...

the cold embrace of winter and a world in hibernation (yang) ~ the yearning for spring and the promise of it's return (yin)

a period of downward gathering emotions drawing me into myself (yang) ~ the energy of other souls helping to usher me forward (yin)

the grounding energy from the earth spiraling upward (yin) ~ the the radiant energy of the universe pouring down over us (yang) {which by the way is what creates your chakras}

too many salty foods (yang) ~ creating cravings for sweetness (yin)

needing badly to rest and retreat (yang) ~ giving way to inspired energy to do and create (yin)

a physical malady that encourages a kind of hardening (yang) ~ as well as a symptom of swelling (yin)

grounding in productivity focusing on tasks (yang) ~ helping to subdue the swirling of emotions (yin)

depression (extreme yang) ~ mania (extreme yin)

coming back to share in this blogging world (yin) ~ quietly looking into your world too (yang)

thinking, feeling, planning (yang) ~ being, doing, creating, connecting (yin)

making a real connection that always give me wings (yin) ~ and a sweet gypsy who sent me the gift of earthly roots, a little tree (yang) {o.k. i took a little creative license here, but you get the idea}

so you see now how this dance is always moving around us and through us. i am beginning to understand these energies and have found that i have instinctively felt them all along. i've learned too that the urge to want to create a perfect balance between these forces is very western thinking and philosophically unproductive, for things are not ever in perfect balance nor do they ever stay the same. aligning yourself as best you can within the moment is what is needed to be truly centered, free, and happy. so it's thought.

i believe in this.

in the everchanging.

in the flow of one thing always becoming it's opposite.

in the combining of forces always creating and uncreating.

in aligning with the moment so you can sink into life, not float above it.

this (i think) is where you find real beauty and that very moment of alignment ~ of your words, of your feelings, of your eye through the lens of a camera, of the colors on your brush, of your actions and practices, of being in nature, of what you eat, or even of your life's circumstances.

thank you all for filling my well with yin...xo