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i have another name

bright winter moon 

through the depth and the darkness and the tangle of trees
there is always light
even when it seems so tiny and so far away
then i break free
and i want to race for the moon
to swallow its warm glow in great gasping gulps
and feel its energy fill me and drench me in life once again
so i devour, i gorge
i consume the light in any way i can
tasting and feeling and grasping big handfulls
digging in my toes and pouring it over where the dark used to be
i am faster and lighter and brighter
creative and witty and passionate and fun
all smiles and ease; the moon shines from within me
then i sit for a moment to catch my breath
and lick my fingertips
of every last sweet moonbeam
and in that moment i stop
a sliver of fear creeps in
just enough to remember the
plunging helplessly
and crashing downward
but by then i am already falling...