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good things

watching :: the island come to many birds in the sanctuary~cranes, cardinals, plovers, swans, falcons and countless others. everything starting to turn green. tiny sproutlets growing in our greenhouse window that will become my son's vegetable garden. the daily tides. no tv.

doing :: lots of organizing and purging. family time all around. shopping for lighter springy clothes. writing in my new daily journal that is for my husbands eyes ~ another way for us to connect. letterboxing. trips to the museums.

creating :: lots of little crafty projects like paper making and quick reconstructive sewing old clothes. new spring schedules and routines. new ideas for the wishstudio. outdoor living space on all 3 decks.

thinking :: about... getting a new piercing. going to the squam art retreat. playdates and connecting with friends. deepening my yoga practice. committment and discipline. doing a cleanse again. summercamp. making a website. the next phase of my nonprofit program. goth modern with a french twist.

reading :: lots of blogs. a little erotica out of curiosity. adorn magazine, one of my new faves. manic, a memoir by terri cheney and about bipolar in general. the local newspapers to get more acquainted with our new neighborhood. your emails.

feeling :: wildly content.