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yummy things

pomegranite jasmine tea with a few drops of agave nectar, your emails and comments on my sidekick, learning about twitter , researching new ideas for the Juicy Sidebar over at the wishstudio , anything lemon especially with icing, the beautiful white cranes playing in my backyard, growing herbs in my window greenhouse, little twinkling lights all over my home, twilight over the basin (many pink skies!), a vegan pedicure and manicure gifted to me, all the buzz and rehearsals for a spring preschool concert, crossing things off my to-do list, outdoor parties and cookouts, days at the beach with my toes in the sand, living in a beach cottage in the warm weather, a trip to the art supply store and new canvases and pastels and art markers , the newest issue of artful blogging on my nightstand, homemade chilled seasame noodles for dinner on a hot day, gifting keri smith's wreck this journal to a friend.

closeness and distance

this weekend wore me out. it was a seesaw of highs and lows...excitement and rest...we spent a lot of time together as a family, and with other family and with friends. with that, i needed a bit of distance in the spaces in between. i think i am learning over time that i am very much and intravert. i do have an outgoing personality and always used to think of myself as extraverted, but i think that this is a skill that i have learned over time not actually a natural attribute of mine. for me it is generally work to be "On". i put alot of pressure and expectations on myself, so much of it is internal. the need to crawl into my shell every now and then will often surface. closeness and distance always dancing together. on the outs... i was gatheing memories, helping my brother move, letting my little one play on the beach for hours, braving the crowds at a local famous bordwalk to play games and eat candy and jump into a photo booth, going to a cookout with kids runnning aro

trail :: a half year project

part of the manifesto over at the wishstudio is to not only follow a path, but to also leave a trail for others to follow. i think about this often, what my path is, where i am is everchanging. it is not a straight line, it is a wandering. and as i go, i am always dropping breadcrumbs for you to come along, hoping that with me you will discover your best self as well. i want to to live joyfully and full of authenticity. that IS my live, to love, to create, to connect with others and laugh and be inspired. sometimes i forget the simplicity of my mission and think that i have to actually produce something to define myself...a book, a piece of art, a place,...some thing that is tangible. but as i sit with these ideas more and more i realize that my path, my legacy is in contained in the snapshots of my everyday life. that is not to say that i should never create anything...(i do still feel like there is so much more inside of me waiting to come out)...but i don&#

dream big

“why do so many…settle for so little? i don’t undesrstand why they’re not greedy for what is inside of them.” ~ jack gilbert

earthy goodness

to my surprise and delight, we have a giant old lilac bush in our yard. it's my favorite flower and i just noticed it starting to bloom a few weeks ago...the hallmark that summer is right around the corner and also time to celebrate mothers and fathers. i love these tiny purple buds that are so fragrant and beautifully scented. today my little gardener and i finally laid our little easter seedlings into the ground. we cleared out an overgrown corner of the earth to neatly bear our flowers, cucumbers, green beans, zucchinis, and pumpkins. we got smudged with dirt and covered with earthy goodness.  it felt good to have the sun in our eyes, the scent of lilacs swirling around us (and around me now as i type this :) we hung a handmade birdhouse in the corner to add just the right personal touch. it was hours of hard work, but fun getting all messy and claiming our garden. i definately don't get my hands in the earth enough. there is something about the tactile experience a

write your personal mission statement

here’s how:  1. write what you want most out of life, your ultimate goal or dream {be very specific} 2. think about what you want to make happen in the world…what is your contribution? 3. write down what it is that makes you so unique and special 4. what will you do right now, each day to move forward on your journey formulate your Personal Mission Statement by using your answers to these four questions and answering them like this… “I will (#4)…, using my (#3)…, to accomplish (#2)…, and in doing so will achieve (#1)…” remember, this mission is for you right now and may change for you tomorrow, next month, or next year. you could also focus your mission to the different areas of your life and write a seperate statement for work, personal, etc. have fun with this…you will be surprised what you come up with. post your mission to your blog and leave a comment here so we can all see your wonderful words! i wrote mine last year, and it is still true :) i will take steps everyda

motherhood wishes

we had an hour in the warm sun yesterday that was pure bliss. we discovered a new little park with a tiny bridge and a fountain and an old fortrace and the oldest trees great for climbing. there were a zillion dandilions and i think O made 1000 wishes, but he told me this one in particular with a sheepish and sweet little grin. he's thinking candy filled piniatas, balloons, cake and goodie bags...i'm thinking i wish i could give him all that and so much more. lately motherhood has been hard for me. yes, now i know i have a challenging child, but that knowledge doesn't make some days any easier. i have been feeling like i am walking on thin ice here in the land before 5. my little guy who is not a baby any more, though not yet a boy but becoming more so every day, challenges every atom of my being. sometimes this is powerful and beautiful and introspective and good, other times it is visceral and frustrating and maddening and not so good. i wish i cou

highs and lows

friday brought rain and fever and tears...our beloved dog mika of 15 years was laid to rest after a long heartwrenching debate and one of the saddest goodbyes i have ever been a part of. my husband and i held him until his very last breath. there are so many words i could say about this loss, but i find my mind wanting to hold it all tightly in, close, just for now. saturday brought more time in bed...lots of sleeping, fighting germs and saddness and fatigue. feeling very out of sorts and adrift. some quiet in the house, some chaos. riding the waves of emotions and nausia. sunday brought me upright and rallying for the troops...a mother's day breakfast so sweet yummy i shouldn't have but did, a spontaneous letterboxing trip to find a friend's hidden treasure and getting lost along the way (though so worth the fun and beauty we discovered), tics and dandilions, bright sunshine and strawberry coolatas, planting and gifts and kisses, a failed attempt to go mini golf

from my bed

from my bed...i can see the tide is going out, the sky has faded from pink and nightime is stealing in, i have the stomach bug, and so does the rest of my family, so the house is quieter than usual, i am on my laptop, pillows propped up,drinking sweet jasmine tea, listening to you, reading, learning, laughing, connecting, feeling a bit hungry, contemplating toast, but then again no, and feeling very sleepy, but content in this quiet moment, with the cool spring breeze blowing in my door and the sun melting into the earth as i drift beneath my covers.

creative therapy

the weekend was full of creative projects and inspiring moments...sewing, journal making, homemade paper tags, finding bits for my inspiration and vision board starting to take shape, coloring, reading, collaging, listening to podcasts, yoga sequencing, blogging, connecting with you, making cards for mother's day and birthdays to come, reading your emails (which i love), a family party, and yummy gift buying. whew! no wonder why i am exhausted :) hope your weekend filled you to the brim!