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closeness and distance

this weekend wore me out. it was a seesaw of highs and lows...excitement and rest...we spent a lot of time together as a family, and with other family and with friends. with that, i needed a bit of distance in the spaces in between. i think i am learning over time that i am very much and intravert. i do have an outgoing personality and always used to think of myself as extraverted, but i think that this is a skill that i have learned over time not actually a natural attribute of mine. for me it is generally work to be "On". i put alot of pressure and expectations on myself, so much of it is internal. the need to crawl into my shell every now and then will often surface. closeness and distance always dancing together.

on the outs... i was gatheing memories, helping my brother move, letting my little one play on the beach for hours, braving the crowds at a local famous bordwalk to play games and eat candy and jump into a photo booth, going to a cookout with kids runnning around and parents trying to catch a moment together.

pulling in...i was journaling photos into my art journal, and blogging in the silence of my studio, napping, watching my son throw out his first cast from my quiet livingroom, taking a drive, at the gym plugged into my ipod, running errands and tuning out.

it is a balancing act for me, and for this past weekend it all harmonized beautifully. hope your weekend was beautiful too!