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earthy goodness

to my surprise and delight, we have a giant old lilac bush in our yard. it's my favorite flower and i just noticed it starting to bloom a few weeks ago...the hallmark that summer is right around the corner and also time to celebrate mothers and fathers. i love these tiny purple buds that are so fragrant and beautifully scented.

today my little gardener and i finally laid our little easter seedlings into the ground. we cleared out an overgrown corner of the earth to neatly bear our flowers, cucumbers, green beans, zucchinis, and pumpkins. we got smudged with dirt and covered with earthy goodness. 

it felt good to have the sun in our eyes, the scent of lilacs swirling around us (and around me now as i type this :) we hung a handmade birdhouse in the corner to add just the right personal touch. it was hours of hard work, but fun getting all messy and claiming our garden.

i definately don't get my hands in the earth enough. there is something about the tactile experience and the smell that is so gratifying...the quiet pace you find, the sun warming your bones, life in the palm of your hands. it is something special yet so simple. the fall harvest is makes it sweeter still. today i am thankful for this small blessing.