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highs and lows

friday brought rain and fever and tears...our beloved dog mika of 15 years was laid to rest after a long heartwrenching debate and one of the saddest goodbyes i have ever been a part of. my husband and i held him until his very last breath. there are so many words i could say about this loss, but i find my mind wanting to hold it all tightly in, close, just for now.

saturday brought more time in bed...lots of sleeping, fighting germs and saddness and fatigue. feeling very out of sorts and adrift. some quiet in the house, some chaos. riding the waves of emotions and nausia.

sunday brought me upright and rallying for the troops...a mother's day breakfast so sweet yummy i shouldn't have but did, a spontaneous letterboxing trip to find a friend's hidden treasure and getting lost along the way (though so worth the fun and beauty we discovered), tics and dandilions, bright sunshine and strawberry coolatas, planting and gifts and kisses, a failed attempt to go mini golfing (oh well), anonomously knitted baby blankets and caps donated to the local birthing center for all those special mother's day deliveries!

it has been a vary mixed bag of highs and lows. i am happy it is a regular old monday.