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trail :: a half year project

part of the manifesto over at the wishstudio is to not only follow a path, but to also leave a trail for others to follow. i think about this often, what my path is, where i am is everchanging. it is not a straight line, it is a wandering. and as i go, i am always dropping breadcrumbs for you to come along, hoping that with me you will discover your best self as well.

i want to to live joyfully and full of authenticity. that IS my live, to love, to create, to connect with others and laugh and be inspired. sometimes i forget the simplicity of my mission and think that i have to actually produce something to define myself...a book, a piece of art, a place,...some thing that is tangible. but as i sit with these ideas more and more i realize that my path, my legacy is in contained in the snapshots of my everyday life.

that is not to say that i should never create anything...(i do still feel like there is so much more inside of me waiting to come out)...but i don't think that is the end all and be all. we both know it is about the process, the journey :)

thinking about this, and being recently inspired by jamie and her project 365 photo challange, i have decided to focus on the smaller moments...the day to day, and join the project. i will add the pictures to my journal and see what unfolds. i imagine the new dimention will inspire a different kind of perspective, and a new perspective is just what i need to jump start the second half of 2008, which is right around the corner.