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write your personal mission statement

here’s how: 

1. write what you want most out of life, your ultimate goal or dream {be very specific}
2. think about what you want to make happen in the world…what is your contribution?
3. write down what it is that makes you so unique and special
4. what will you do right now, each day to move forward on your journey

formulate your Personal Mission Statement by using your answers to these four questions and answering them like this…

“I will (#4)…, using my (#3)…, to accomplish (#2)…, and in doing so will achieve (#1)…”

remember, this mission is for you right now and may change for you tomorrow, next month, or next year. you could also focus your mission to the different areas of your life and write a seperate statement for work, personal, etc.

have fun with this…you will be surprised what you come up with. post your mission to your blog and leave a comment here so we can all see your wonderful words! i wrote mine last year, and it is still true :)

i will take steps everyday to lead the life i want by using my creative energy, unique perspective, and initiative to create community connections in a mindful and inspiring way. in doing so i will enrich my life and the lives of others and achieve ultimate happiness and fulfillment.