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yummy things

pomegranite jasmine tea with a few drops of agave nectar, your emails and comments on my sidekick, learning about twitter, researching new ideas for the Juicy Sidebar over at the wishstudio, anything lemon especially with icing, the beautiful white cranes playing in my backyard, growing herbs in my window greenhouse, little twinkling lights all over my home, twilight over the basin (many pink skies!), a vegan pedicure and manicure gifted to me, all the buzz and rehearsals for a spring preschool concert, crossing things off my to-do list, outdoor parties and cookouts, days at the beach with my toes in the sand, living in a beach cottage in the warm weather, a trip to the art supply store and new canvases and pastels and art markers, the newest issue of artful blogging on my nightstand, homemade chilled seasame noodles for dinner on a hot day, gifting keri smith's wreck this journal to a friend.