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i love the moment when

...the morning's first hot sip of coffee swirls through and through you, awakening you to a new day. ...inspiration overtakes you in a wave of positive energy. realize and feel fully the embrace of a new season. blow out the candles and make that wish. ...when they are joyfully pronounced husband and wife. ...a new word or concept or skill is mastered, and lights up his face. are about to open your mailbox and are filled with hope and wonder. know you've got something really wonderfully amazing to share. finally receive news that the precious new life has been born. ...the idea or solution crystalizes right before your eyes. ...the stroke of midnight brings a new year of possibility and hope. ...when all your work is completely done. ...someone tears off the wrapping from a gift you give them, while knowing they will absolutely love it. capture on film a moment of pure beauty. finally sit down and have the gift of some time to yo

starting summer at the library

summer has arrived quietly and with a lazy attitude. the beach is calling (from behind the curtain of rain) and wants us to come out and play. we are slowly ajusting to the new groove of no school and wide open space. and my computer has decided to go on strike. i am disconnected. no blogging. no emails (except for your comments and messeges i get sent to my phone - thank goodness). so, here i am at the public library tap-tapping away and catching up. i love the library...the way it smells, the peace and quiet, and all the aisles to wander and lose yourself in, and all the yummy books just waiting to be tucked into a cozy bag and carried away. i forgot what a treasure this place is. note to self **come more often! off to the movie section and then maybe the children's room :)

love to all the dads

happy father's day!

what i am not

it has been a long time since i have felt really centered in myself. i don't feel particularly bad or am looking to feel unrealistically good, i just don't feel quite like myself...whatever that means. in my life i always seem to be redefining who i am, in my mind at least. i don't know if this is a way for me to better understand myself and my feelings, or if it is a survival mechanism i have learned over the years to assimilate and evolve to the complicated landscape of life. today i want to be someone i am not, but i am not exactly sure who that is. it is a very unsettled feeling that i cannot define, so i am struggling to wrap my head around it. i am struggling to just to be Me. i have questions without answers. i have happines, but no real joy. i am meloncholy and sleepy but not depressed. i am deep inside myself but cannot see. i am medicated but not really much better. i am wanting for but not even close. i am weary but not worn out. i have passion but little desire.