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starting summer at the library

summer has arrived quietly and with a lazy attitude. the beach is calling (from behind the curtain of rain) and wants us to come out and play. we are slowly ajusting to the new groove of no school and wide open space.

and my computer has decided to go on strike. i am disconnected. no blogging. no emails (except for your comments and messeges i get sent to my phone - thank goodness). so, here i am at the public library tap-tapping away and catching up.

i love the library...the way it smells, the peace and quiet, and all the aisles to wander and lose yourself in, and all the yummy books just waiting to be tucked into a cozy bag and carried away. i forgot what a treasure this place is. note to self **come more often!

off to the movie section and then maybe the children's room :)