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the moments

over the weekend my family and i escaped north to the mountains for an impromptu mini vacation. maybe it's been all the yummy pictures and talk about the beauty and magic of squam, or simply the pull of the autumnal equinox, but i was aching for a little change of scenery, some wide open space and some quality time...something more.

our time away was so short, but there were so many moments to Be in, some funny, some joyful, some disappointing, some beautiful yet all meaningful and part of the experience, each one becoming a part of the long strand that is my own unique life.

this is what caught me by surprise (why i am not sure) ~ that it is all part of the same trajectory, no matter where you are, no matter what you do, every moment is simply an extention of who you are. i guess i expected to feel changed for a while, to feel a little different. i guess that is what i was trying to create.

but the universe gave me a gentle nudge and reminded me that it all centers on what is on the inside. that the potential for all we ache for is already within us and who we are in each moment shapes our experience, not the other way around. while some of us find soulful revelation in the woods by a lake, i've come to mine in this simple moment at my kitchen table.