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unopened :: a lesson in being brave

over time i have collected a myriad of inspiring and delicious art and craft supplies. yet so many still sit on my shelves pristine and unopened in their original packaging. of course i buy them with the intention of using them, intoxicated by the endless possibilities of what they can become. often though this feels like a daunting and giant leap of faith, and i end up holding back waiting for the moment when i am sure of how to begin.

how i envy the artist's studio that is brimming with living creativity, a whirwind of colors and textures and tools of the trade, the artful process alive and breathing. i would love my studio to be like this...a place of constant creation, messy with ideas and inspiration like an open extention of Me constantly flowing and moving fearlessly toward something beautiful.

i seem to get lost in the headiness of it all, the thinking and critiquing, the planning instead of actually doing. i tend to be very measured in everything i do, very organized and precise. although this is often a strength of mine, it is also imposes the invisible boundries i feel constantly surrounding me.

today i am going to practice being brave and work on stretching those boundries. i'm going to encourage myself to be flowing and messy and open, and to simply believe in the possibilities without knowing the outcome...even if only in paper and glue and ink, for a while.