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weeping willow

willow by george*50, flickr

"be strong like a willow tree that bends in the wind...the more you fight what's in your way, the more strength you give it."

these are words of wisdom that were sent to me this morning, and they really resonated with me. they reminded me that to be strong doesn't mean to be unyeilding; that inner strength is about staying grounded while still swaying and bending with the forces around me.

i realize i have been very resistant over the past week. that somehow pushing back against certain things in my life will force change to happen or go the direction i want them to. this just made the opposing energy more challenging, more persistant, and more of a threat of uprooting me.

all i really need to do is stand in the wind and feel it's direction to know what to do next. so i am throwing my arms out and letting go of the resistance, and i can already feel the heaviness falling away.