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love, life & whoopie pies

it was a blissful time in maine. my husband and i ran off child-free to finally celebrate our big 10. we lounged, drank martinis, got dressed up and snuggled close. lots of talking and listening, serious and silly, all good. we wined and dined and were wooed by this siren's beautiful music. we slept in late together, then strolled along the rocky shore eating chocolate and holding hands. perfect. on the drive home, my husband remembered this restaurant we had eaten at over the summer, and how they claimed to have the best whoopie pies ever. even martha stewart left a rave review. he was suddenly inspired to finally try one of these little pieces of heaven, so we made the easy detour. i left him smiling and went inside to go get his anticipated treat. when i returned to the car empty handed, he at once was full of questioning disbelief and disappointment like i had forgotten the one thing i went in there for. i buckled myself in the car and turned to squarely face him..."the w

live the life :: my life coaching journey (pt.1)

i've looked ahead and can see looming the possibility of the second half...of my life that is. some might call it a mid life crisis, others might see it as wisdom gained through experience. to me it feels like a reawakening of sorts. both familiar and new at the same time. it's not because of the passing of a new year or because of a dramatic's simply a shift that i can feel seeping slowly into all the corners of my soul. i've taken this shift as a sign. that things need to change, and most importantly that they can change. so i am embracing this momentum and am plunging into my life in new ways that feel exciting and real and meaningful. i am reaffirming my committment to myself and taking steps to create the life i really want to live (not simply talking and thinking about it - i do a lot of that). doing it. for real. and holding myself accountable too. and it feels so good already. i've begun working with a life coach, and my first session was really a

a peek at life from my inbox

from: rebecca re: our first life coaching "meeting" this saturday from: kathryn re: a lovely comment left for me here from: noel re: book club and connecting with like-minded local women from: nina re: great getting together last friday! from: mommies who shop re: thanks for joining our community from: lisa re: seeking art for consignment, and opportunities to teach here from: yoga center of newburyport re: october classes and yoga book club from: library re: your request for soul coaching has been submitted from: naturally nina re: i gave you this award from: jonathan's restaurant re: ticket purchase and dinner reservations confirmed from: my son's teacher re: revised kindergarden class list from: continental airlines re: flight itinerary for family coming to visit in a couple of weeks from: the harraseeket inn re: reservation confirmation for annual mother/daughter shopping weekend from: the children's museum of new hampshire re: fall events

love times ten

remembering, celebrating, and sharing a little of what i know after 10 years of marriage... 10 things about or wedding day on 10.11.98 : 1. his father was granted a one day justice of the peace designation to perform the ceremony and legally marry us (which you can do in massachusetts!)...and he did a beautiful job 2. our best man gave an infamous 20 minute (no kidding) heartfelt, and soulbearing toast 3. our wedding song was "always" by ella fitzgerald 4. he surprised me with a reading of the classic e.b. browning poem during the ceremony, which brought me to tears 5. the florist forgot all the fresh flowers for the wedding cake, so my mom stuck her little posey boquet on the top...and i never even noticed. 6. i wore a special amethyst locket around my wrist that was my nana's, in honor of her that day 7. every single guest passed and lit candles during the ceremony to signify the joining of our families 8. the patriots won the game that afternoon, and all was wel


today i am feeling full and grateful even though life often takes me 3 steps forward then 2 steps back there is always a humbling in its wake and a lesson to be learned yet ultimately so much joy to savor filling my well with hope

fall :: digging deep

now in autumn's embrace, this is the time of year i feel most alive with the celebration of life, joy and comfort. i am gathering all the goodness from my journey through the last 9 months and am harvesting what gifts have grown from my dreams and best intentions set forth back in january. before winter steals in and i reflect and begin anew, there is still much work to be done. i am digging deep to see the last of all my seeds come to fruition. i've been doing a lot of soul searching as the days begin to grow shorter, working hard to fine tune a daily practice and routine that will carry me through the long cold months. it's been a lot of thinking and feeling and working things out, some days successfully, some days not. life always seems to be a challange and at times i feel like i might be the waxing darkness wants to pull me downward, but i also feel an unusual boyancy these days. in all my digging, i have unearthed a connection to something bigger,