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a peek at life from my inbox

from: rebecca
re: our first life coaching "meeting" this saturday

from: kathryn
re: a lovely comment left for me here

from: noel
re: book club and connecting with like-minded local women

from: nina
re: great getting together last friday!

from: mommies who shop
re: thanks for joining our community

from: lisa
re: seeking art for consignment, and opportunities to teach here

from: yoga center of newburyport
re: october classes and yoga book club

from: library
re: your request for soul coaching has been submitted

from: naturally nina
re: i gave you this award

from: jonathan's restaurant
re: ticket purchase and dinner reservations confirmed

from: my son's teacher
re: revised kindergarden class list

from: continental airlines
re: flight itinerary for family coming to visit in a couple of weeks

from: the harraseeket inn
re: reservation confirmation for annual mother/daughter shopping weekend

from: the children's museum of new hampshire
re: fall events