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fall :: digging deep

now in autumn's embrace, this is the time of year i feel most alive with the celebration of life, joy and comfort. i am gathering all the goodness from my journey through the last 9 months and am harvesting what gifts have grown from my dreams and best intentions set forth back in january. before winter steals in and i reflect and begin anew, there is still much work to be done. i am digging deep to see the last of all my seeds come to fruition.

i've been doing a lot of soul searching as the days begin to grow shorter, working hard to fine tune a daily practice and routine that will carry me through the long cold months. it's been a lot of thinking and feeling and working things out, some days successfully, some days not. life always seems to be a challange and at times i feel like i might be the waxing darkness wants to pull me downward, but i also feel an unusual boyancy these days.

in all my digging, i have unearthed a connection to something bigger, some life line that keeps me bobbing up to the surface. i'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's a shift that i have been very aware of because it feels so new and strong and good. i fear it's fleeting as well and i keep expecting it to dissappear, but every time i've needed to find my way out of the darkness that trail of shiney stones is still there to lead me back.

i wish i could tell you with certainty what it is i've found. i wish i knew myself so i could hold on to it forever and share the secret with all of you...maybe it is another level of hope, or proof of real and unconditional love, maybe it's realizing the joy is always there waiting for me, or it's clearly having a choice, or maybe it is the humbling of gratitude, or acceptance, or simply wisdom gained.

what i know for certain is that i want to really squeeze out all the joy of this special season...with all of you too :) so to celebrate, i am giving away to one lucky winner a yummy fall prize package full of creative goodies and treats for your soul! leave me a comment on this post (you can also enter here) about what gift(s) in your life you have harvested this fall, and you will be entered to win. i will randomly choose a name monday night, and then post the winner on tuesday along with a sneek peek of your prize package.

good luck, and hope you all have a beautiful, wish-filled fall!