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live the life :: my life coaching journey (pt.1)

i've looked ahead and can see looming the possibility of the second half...of my life that is. some might call it a mid life crisis, others might see it as wisdom gained through experience. to me it feels like a reawakening of sorts. both familiar and new at the same time. it's not because of the passing of a new year or because of a dramatic's simply a shift that i can feel seeping slowly into all the corners of my soul.

i've taken this shift as a sign. that things need to change, and most importantly that they can change. so i am embracing this momentum and am plunging into my life in new ways that feel exciting and real and meaningful. i am reaffirming my committment to myself and taking steps to create the life i really want to live (not simply talking and thinking about it - i do a lot of that). doing it. for real. and holding myself accountable too. and it feels so good already.

i've begun working with a life coach, and my first session was really a wonderful experience. rebecca, my coach, is so intuitive and kind and smart and funny too. she is able to read between the lines, and helps me to see myself more clearly. this process of talking about myself in an open and meaningful way is really such a good exercise for me...i'm admittedly not that good at baring my soul to most people. it's hard for me, which is probably why i like to blog. though this is very freeing and feels full of possibility and power. it parallels therapy in some ways, but it's a very different experience moving forward from a positive perspective seeking growth than talking through a crisis seeking healing (which has its merits too). she calls it a kind of "positive psychology", working from a good place in your life and finding the path to the extraordinary! i love this idea, and am really grateful to have this opportunity to work with her. even after one conversation, i feel a sense of tremendous support and insight that i know will be an invaluable resourse in my life going forward.

overall, i am learning to better listen to my own needs, desires, and especially boundries as i tend to see things in a very all-or-nothing way. more importantly i am working to find ways to apply these elements to my life in a balanced and fullfilling way. i'm art journaling for the first time, i'm back in the yoga studio with a new great vinyasa teacher, i'm reading and taking part in jamie's book group, i'm making time for myself without guilt and thus having more space to share and be with others, i'm feeling and releasing and slowly expanding. an important part of my journey is happening right now, i can feel it. and i am so ripe to learn all i can.

how do you live the life?