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love times ten

remembering, celebrating, and sharing a little of what i know after 10 years of marriage...

10 things about or wedding day on 10.11.98 :

1. his father was granted a one day justice of the peace designation to perform the ceremony and legally marry us (which you can do in massachusetts!)...and he did a beautiful job
2. our best man gave an infamous 20 minute (no kidding) heartfelt, and soulbearing toast
3. our wedding song was "always" by ella fitzgerald
4. he surprised me with a reading of the classic e.b. browning poem during the ceremony, which brought me to tears
5. the florist forgot all the fresh flowers for the wedding cake, so my mom stuck her little posey boquet on the top...and i never even noticed.
6. i wore a special amethyst locket around my wrist that was my nana's, in honor of her that day
7. every single guest passed and lit candles during the ceremony to signify the joining of our families
8. the patriots won the game that afternoon, and all was well for the groom and his guys
9. it rained all morning, but the sun broke through as we got into the limo to go to the ceremony...i remember that moment like a smile from the universe
10. we kissed a little unabashedly after we were pronounced husband and wife

10 things i will always love about him:

1. the he is the father of our son and always loving, teaching, giving and learning
2. his mountain-man, biker wannabe, metrosexual, hippie spirit
3. that korean food is his very favorite
4. the great nostalgia he has for things of his childhood, and how he is still a kid at heart
5. his dedication, hard work and excellence as a director, forward thinker, and difference-maker
6. that he won over my mother first, by just being himself
7. he really is my very best friend and someone i've always admired
8. how, when saying goodbye, he says "i love you" to his dad
9. he makes the best sweedish pancakes and homemade hummas, carves the coolest halloween pumpkins, and likes to go shopping with me
10. that he's been in downward dog, has used an embossing tool, and has even eaten gefilte fish because he's always game to try new things {for me*}

10 favorite gifts he has given to me:

1. the movie harold and maude for valentines day
2. a ficus tree now 8 years old, because he believes in giving living flora, not cut flowers
3. a silver posey ring inscribed with pence de moi (think of me)
4. all the mixed cd's he's made me, and more music than i can possibly mention
5. my first digital camera
6. a bracelet engraved with my son's initials right after he was born
7. my 20 degree, periwinkle blue, "short" r.e.i. sleeping bag
8. some of my favorite books: the timetraveler's wife, twilight, animal dreams, the giant's house
9. a candle lantern
10. a surprise 30th birthday party, chocolate cake and all, at one of our favorite restaurants

10 things he has taught me:

1. to appreciate and enjoy a much broader spectrum of music
2. that love is about the everyday magic of unwavering support
3. to explore and appreciate mountaintops, canyons, and all of the outdoors
4. to expand my food horizons, introducing me to ethiopian, pad thai, oysters...
5. how to play backgammon and cribbage, play fur elise on the piano, correctly store a sleeping bag, to load my ipod, and to raise the bar of my scrabble game
6. that condiments are an essential food group
7. lots of interesting stuff about rocks and the earth (as he was a geology major)
8. about the committment, desire and drive it takes to be a triathelete, and what a rush it is being his cheerleader
9. headlamps make perfect reading lights
10. to clean less and enjoy life more

10 things we are learning together:

1. to make more time for one another, talking, being, listening, laughing
2. finding a great babysitter is a must
3. working on ourselves as individuals makes us better as a couple
4. being the best parents we can be
5. to be smarter with our money
6. forgiveness
7. that our relationship is the foundation of our family
8. that we can overcome anything because we already have
9. being seperate and giving space is often as important as being together
10. that love will always hold us


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