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a leap

the last 48 hours have been a blur... an exciting, dreamy, surreal, kind of crazy blur. anyone who is a twilight fan can probably relate to my minor obsession with the upcoming movie release next week. i was clicking around on the website last thursday and surprisingly found out that rob pattinson was going to be making an appearence at a local mall the very next day! i spent the day surfing, calling, and reading about the event which was expected to be complete mayhem... only 500 wristbands were going to be given out to meet robert and get his autograph, and they were expecting thousands. needless to say i made the last minute decision to sacrifice a night's worth of sleep to go bask in the crazy fandom of fellow twilighters, and go for this once in a lifetime opportunity... it wasn't just about simply meeting "edward", it was more about being a part of something so exciting and so passion driven that it would be an experience i would remember forever. so from 6p

3 jars of money :: a metaphor fro life

my 5 year old son has been bitten early by the money bug. he is beginning to feel the powerful lure of the dollar and knows that it is a means to get him things he wants. he has already asked us for an allowance (which we have decidedly said no to), and is further fascinated by the notion of winning money as on a scratch ticket (sadly, after noticing that the world is littered with them and inquiring about them). admittedly, i am not the greatest of finacial planners by any stretch of the imagination and it is something i need to continually work on, especially this day in age. as a child i remember my feelings about money more than i remember the practicality of how to manage it. i had a big plastic piggy bank that i regularly pilchered quarters and dollar bills from, tenaciously using a bobby pin to coax them out the top slot as it had no other access. saving my money was never a big priority as i was fortunate enough to have all my needs met, and many of my wants, when i was growin