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little gifties i made for friends it's wednesday and it's already been a long week. the headiness of last week has seeped into the early days of this one, and i just can't seem to shake it. even in my dreams i am working out things and wake up in the morning tangled in thoughts and emotions, feeling exhausted like i didn't sleep at all. there is lots of important stuff going on right now, that's part of. i also am adjusting to actually having work to do as i am getting a fledgling business off the ground. my mind is deeply immersed and caught up in the momentum of the swiftly moving stream of things i have to do and keep up with. it's been really busy and really exciting and absolutely an adjustment. on the homefront, i've got my sons first team meeting at school coming up. this is a weighty thing too. it's going to set the tone of our relationship (as parents) with the school administration while we also trying to establish the unique path of my s


that's all i've got today.  i'm exhausted. hope your day was all smiles :)

cheeks for days

today i dug up this photo, above just so i could compare it to this new one, below... can you tell they're brothers? both summer babies (so all the hand me downs will fit - yay!) both big personalities and both the love of my life